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Information security is a crucial part of information management. We are experts on the legal aspects regards the security of information (infosec). You can read our advice, or about the products or services we offer related to this focus area below:

Minimum Information Security Standards (MISS) Summary

The Minimum Information Security Standards (or MISS) is a standard for the minimum information security measures that any institution must put in place for sensitive or classified information to protect national security. If you work with public service information resources, [...]

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Top Five Worst Data Security Breaches

Data security breaches seem to be hitting the headlines frequently these days. So, we decided to make a Top Five list of the Worst Data Security Breaches in the world. Each of the data security breaches on our list demonstrates [...]

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Current trends in information security in South Africa

There are three high water marks in the evolution of a body of "information security law" in South Africa: The King III Report™ on Governance for South Africa was released on 1 September 2009 The ECT Act in 2002 The [...]

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What is Information Security Law?

Information security law is an emerging area of the law. There is no single law in South Africa that governs all of a company's information security obligations. Rather, it comprises a 'patchwork' of different laws, and even standards and best [...]

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IT Security Podcast

This IT Security Pubcast focuses on matters of information security and risk in South Africa. Part 1: 00:00:00 - 00:11:34 - 1.4MB Speakers are introduced (including Helaine Leggat from Michalsons) and they discuss an issue they faced involving a leak [...]

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Information Security Policies support Compliance

Information Security policies support compliance in many ways. Vicarious liability Beyond sensitising employees to the risks posed by technology, information security policies minimise the organisation's exposure to vicarious liability for unauthorised or unlawful acts carried out by employees during the [...]

Infosec Law Presentation

This presentation deals with the meaning of security in the South Africa context. It also deals with management of critical databases, privacy (state of SA privacy regulation), monitoring and King II and Infosec with quotes from the codes. Law relating [...]

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