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Information law or data law is a specialist field of legal practice looking at all laws that regulate specifically information or data.

Data protection audit by an authority | GDPR audit

Data protection authorities around the world have started to do a data protection audit (or GDPR audit) on controllers to check that they comply with data protection law. Essentially, the authority compares your organisation to a data protection law [...]

Michalsons recognised as leading IT and data lawyers

Who's Who Legal have recognised Michalsons attorneys as being among the world's leading IT and data lawyers. Who’s Who Legal identifies the primary legal practitioners around the world based on independent and comprehensive research. This is especially meaningful as the research [...]

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President told to change the way SA decides who gets land

The advisory panel on land reform and agriculture advises the President to change the way land beneficiaries are selected. They want new Beneficiary Selection Guidelines to decide which people must get land first. What land is given to state beneficiaries? [...]

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Compulsory disclosures about land ownership

The Presidential Advisory Panel on Land Reform and Agriculture recommends compulsory disclosures about land ownership. A declaration process similar to FICA would be used. What disclosures must owners make now? The Deeds Registry Act says individual owners must identify themselves [...]

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Presidential Panel targets churches, mining houses and urban landlords

The Presidential Advisory Panel on Land Reform and Agriculture spotlights land belonging to churches, mining houses and urban landlords for distribution for reform. It urges them to donate this land to the landless. Internal conflict over whether to donate is [...]

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President told we need a new land information system

The Advisory Panel on Land Reform and Agriculture made their final report to the President public on 28 July. It says immediate action is necessary for a Land Records Bill. This will be the main driver of South African land [...]

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Deeds Registries Amendment Bill has been published

The Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform published the Deeds Registries Amendment Bill on the 9th of March earlier this year. This marked a thirty-day period where the public commented on the changes the Bill proposes to the Deeds [...]

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Electronic Originals of Documents – Are They Valid?

It is often difficult to produce originals of documents. Sometimes people do not even know what an "original" really is - even those people who ask for it. We generate electronic originals of many documents that companies are required to publish. People often ask [...]

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The rights to a database | Who owns the copyright in data?

Databases and the data in them have become very valuable assets. People often ask, what is the law relating to data ownership? What is a database? How do you define a database in an agreement? How does the law [...]

Motivating a Standards Based Approach to Records Management

In March 2004 agreement was reached by the members of Technical Committee 46 at Standards South Africa (SANS – previously the South African Bureau of Standards) to adopt SANS 15489 as the first South African standard relating to the management of [...]

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