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Does your Email Disclaimer comply with the Law?

Your company almost certainly has an email disclaimer. Often it is a huge block of text that appears at the bottom of an email, which nobody reads and just clutters up everyone’s inbox. Other times it is incorporated by reference [...]

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When is your email private

The case of Smith and Partners in Sexual Health (Non-Profit) CCMA (WECT 13711-10) heard in the CCMA in October 2010, which we wrote about here, raises this interesting question? When can an email be considered the "private" property of the employee and [...]

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Hyper-linked email disclaimers coming to an end?

It is an all too familiar sight to see emails ended with a lengthy disclaimer, often in tiny text, and if the email thread is very long, it could be repeated multiple times making the thread incredibly (and unnecessarily) long. [...]

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Characteristics of a compliant email management solution

If you want to determine whether an email management solution "complies" with the ECT Act, then these are the questions that you should be asking: Is it capable of storing records in a trustworthy manner? Does the product protect the [...]

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Opening Absent Employee Email

Can a company open an employee's email whilst he is away on holiday or out of office? Section 6 of our monitoring law, the Regulation of Interception of Communications & Provision of Communication-Related Information Act of 2002 (RICA) allows companies [...]

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Email Archiving Best Practices

Email archiving best practices  in 2007 include: SANS 15489 (the South African Records Management Standard):  This standard on recordkeeping provides guidance on "[t]he standardization of records management policies and procedures," and is designed to ensure "that appropriate attention and protection [...]

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Proper Email Management is Important

Email has become the life-blood of most companies. Consequently company emails now contain a great deal of sensitive information that was once only stored on paper. There is a difference between email USAGE and email MANAGEMENT. Companies can be exposed to [...]

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