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Email Encryption and POPIA – must you encrypt your emails?

Does complying with the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) also mean that you must use email encryption when sending emails containing personal information? In other words, does sending unencrypted emails containing personal information potentially violate POPIA? The short answer is: [...]

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Does your Email Disclaimer comply with the Law?

Your company almost certainly has an email disclaimer. Often it is a huge block of text that appears at the bottom of an email, which nobody reads and just clutters up everyone’s inbox. Other times it is incorporated by reference [...]

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Hyper-linked email disclaimers coming to an end?

It is an all too familiar sight to see emails ended with a lengthy disclaimer, often in tiny text, and if the email thread is very long, it could be repeated multiple times making the thread incredibly (and unnecessarily) long. [...]

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Characteristics of a compliant email management solution

If you want to determine whether an email management solution "complies" with the ECT Act, then these are the questions that you should be asking: Is it capable of storing records in a trustworthy manner? Does the product protect the [...]

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Opening Absent Employee Email

Can a company open an employee's email whilst he is away on holiday or out of office? Section 6 of our monitoring law, the Regulation of Interception of Communications & Provision of Communication-Related Information Act of 2002 (RICA) allows companies [...]

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Email Archiving Best Practices

Email archiving best practices  in 2007 include: SANS 15489 (the South African Records Management Standard):  This standard on recordkeeping provides guidance on "[t]he standardization of records management policies and procedures," and is designed to ensure "that appropriate attention and protection [...]

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Proper Email Management is Important

Email has become the life-blood of most companies. Consequently company emails now contain a great deal of sensitive information that was once only stored on paper. There is a difference between email USAGE and email MANAGEMENT. Companies can be exposed to [...]

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