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Email Encryption and POPIA – must you encrypt your emails?

Does complying with the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) also mean that you must use email encryption when sending emails containing personal information? In other words, does sending unencrypted emails containing personal information potentially violate POPIA? The short answer is: [...]

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Does your Email Disclaimer comply with the Law?

Your company almost certainly has an email disclaimer. Often it is a huge block of text that appears at the bottom of an email, which nobody reads and just clutters up everyone’s inbox. Other times it is incorporated by reference [...]

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When is your email private

The case of Smith and Partners in Sexual Health (Non-Profit) CCMA (WECT 13711-10) heard in the CCMA in October 2010, which we wrote about here, raises this interesting question? When can an email be considered the "private" property of the employee and [...]

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