Electronic Transactions Law

/Electronic Transactions Law

Electronic transactions law and electronic commerce law or eCommerce law. Includes consumer protection regards electronic transactions, and cyber crime and computer crime. Also includes electronic signatures, advanced electronic signatures, or digital signatures.

How electronic Debit Order Authorisations are possible

We recently told you that Electronic Debit Order Authorisations are possible. But I bet you are still using a paper authorisation form for your clients to sign in pen and ink. Why? Technology is there to help you with your [...]

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Taxation of goods purchased online

Is the sale of on-line products (for example software downloaded directly from a website) subject to taxation? South Africa previously had a predominantly source based tax system but adopted a resident based tax system some few years ago. The sale [...]

Liability for online content mistakes

When would a website provider be liable for mistakes in information which it provides online?  Can it avoid that liability? The general principle is that a website provider must ensure that the content on the website is accurate and will [...]

Measures to be taken by companies to guarantee security of Internet transactions

Section 43(5) of the ECT Act requires the supplier in an electronic transaction to "utilise a payment system that is sufficiently secure with reference to accepted technological standards at the time of the transaction and the type of transaction concerned." [...]

Regulatory bodies responsible for the regulation of e-commerce

Which, if any, regulatory bodies are responsible for the regulation of e-commerce and Internet access tariffs and charges? E-commerce is regulated to a limited extent in South Africa in the 4 areas mentioned hereunder by either the DOC or the Consumer [...]

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Consumer protection provisions of the ECT Act

Chapter VII of the ECT Act deals with consumer protection and applies only to electronic transactions. The following sections of the ECT Act of of particular relevance regards a consumer's right of cancellation: Scope of application 42. (1) This Chapter [...]