Electronic Signature Law

/Electronic Signature Law

Signatures includes handwritten, electronic, advanced electronic signatures, or digital signatures.

Do I need the original signed version of agreements

People often ask me whether they need the original signed version of an agreement that they sign as a party to the agreement. The usual situation This is often the situation.  You email a written agreement to someone with whom [...]

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The role of the certification authority and the ECT Act

Many people have heard the term certification authority or "CA", but are not exactly clear on what it means or what a CA does. In the world of information security and cyberspace certainty over the identification and authentication of the parties [...]

How does the law recognise or define e-signatures?

The ECT Act defines an electronic signature as data attached to, incorporated in, or logically associated with other data and which is intended by the user to serve as a signature. The ECT Act recognises the contractual freedom of parties [...]

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