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Company law and the relationship between shareholders is the foundation of all organisations. You can trade as a sole proprietor, but often you will find that you need the legal protection an entity or ‘legal person’ provides. We’ll ensure that understand the potential opportunities and pitfalls of these Acts and regulations, to ensure you are protected and that your experience is a positive one.

We can help you structure your business correctly, register a company, draft shareholders agreements and MOI’s and manage the relationship between shareholders and ensure that key people are vested in the organisation’s success.

Read more about Company Law and Shareholders and how we can assist you. Below you will find our most recent Insights on companies and corporations. We consider the Companies Act in many countries which deal with issues like the memorandum of incorporation (MOI) and shareholder agreements.

Joint venture partnerships are not advisable

Partnerships are legal relationships which are based on contracts where two or more people (or companies) agree to carry on business together with the object of making and sharing profits. Partnerships generally involve an ongoing business relationship. Joint venture partnerships [...]

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Sale of Business or Sale of Assets – How to Sell a Business or its Assets

It is important to know the difference between a sale of business as a going concern, a sale of assets and a sale of shares or member's interest, before concluding a sale agreement involving your company or close corporation (CC). [...]

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Shareholder Relationships can be the Mother of all Disputes

Good shareholder relationships are important. According to the Romans, community of property or co-ownership was the mother of all disputes. And this still holds true today. How often does the following scenario play out? Shareholder Relationships can go Wrong Two [...]

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Director vs Shareholder and the Types of Directors

Many people get confused about the distinction between director vs shareholder. Both have different types of control over their companies, but in very different ways. These differences are important to understand. Director vs Shareholder A shareholder owns (or holds) shares issued by [...]

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Difference between Member and Shareholder

Many people ask us about the difference between member and shareholder. They are similar but distinct, and it is important to know how they differ. Difference between member and shareholder The term "member" has different meanings in different contexts. In a non-profit company, a member is [...]

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