POPI Certified Seal

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If you are part of the Michalsons Compliance Programme | Data Protection, you can use the Michalsons POPI Certified Seal. You can display the seal on all certified websites, cloud offerings, apps, or advertising solutions. Michalsons is one of the leading law firms selected by many to help them comply with POPI.

The Michalsons POPI Certified Seal is recognised in South Africa by consumers, businesses, associations, and regulators as demonstrating data privacy best practices. It is a way to get a POPI certification. We can certify an organisation, a product or a service.

Who is it for?

  • Responsible parties who want to demonstrate to their data subjects that they take their privacy seriously.
  • Vendors that provide solutions that help solve the POPI problem. For example, an opt-out register.
  • Operators who process a lot of personal information for others and want to demonstrate to their responsible parties that they take POPI seriously and are trustworthy.

What does the Michalsons POPI Certified Seal mean to Data Subjects?

It means that the organisation displaying the seal:

  • takes privacy seriously,
  • respects the privacy of data subjects,
  • are open about how they process personal information,
  • have committed to do what is reasonable practicable to protect personal information, and
  • is going through the Michalsons POPI Compliance Programme.

It does not mean that the organisation:

  1. Complies 100% with POPI. POPI involves a balancing of rights and interests. Nobody can say they absolutely comply with POPI. It is just not that kind of law.
  2. Will protect personal information all the time. Personal information must flow freely for society to function. A balance between the free flow and the protection of personal information is needed.

Requirements of POPI Certified Seal

If you wish to display the Michalsons POPI Certified Seal:

  1. At least one representative from the organisation must have attended a Michalsons POPI workshop.
  2. You must have a PAIA Manual and a Privacy Policy (reviewed by Michalsons) on your website (if required by law).
  3. You must have appointed your Information Officer and registered them with the Information Regulator (when possible).
  4. You must be participating in the Michalsons Compliance Programme | Data Protection.


If you are interested, please complete the form on the right or enquire now. We will contact you to find out more about your requirements and give you a quote.