Many people know POPI well and have been taking steps to implement the action items POPI requires.

But POPI is difficult to understand and translating it into practical effective action is hard. It also has the record for being the law that spent the longest in Parliament and it still hasn’t commenced.

Many people spent time on POPI a few years ago when it was brand new. The dust has settled in the last few years and it is now easier to see what POPI practically means.

And we’ve all learnt some lessons…

We offer a short two-hour POPI briefing for busy people. A master class for people with POPI experience.

  • Get an update on the latest developments
  • Discover key insights about the risks
  • Network with others who are implementing POPI
  • Discuss common issues with your peers
  • Find out what to do, when, and how
  • Understand the bigger picture that POPI fits into.

Why us?

We’ve been helping many organisations with POPI compliance and we’ve learnt a lot along the way. We have better insight now into what is important. We’ve attended an International conference and learnt lessons from across borders. We have better tools to explain what POPI requires.

Who should attend

Directors tasked with POPI, Executives who sponsor POPI projects, Members of POPI Steering Committees, Information Officers, Chief Privacy Officers, Privacy Program Managers, POPI Project Managers, who:

  1. have not attended one of our workshops, or
  2. attended our POPI workshop more than two years ago.


We offer Private two-hour POPI Key Insight sessions via Skype, or at your offices.

Do let us know if you’re interested, by completing the form on the right and we’ll contact you with an estimate.

We aim to give practical insights that you can use to be effective. We do not give law lectures! We will refund you, if you do not think you received value.

We look forward to hearing from you.