GDPR Webinar: Gain Key Legal Insights

///GDPR Webinar: Gain Key Legal Insights
GDPR Webinar: Gain Key Legal Insights 2017-11-06T16:26:51+00:00

Gain key legal insights by attending our GDPR webinar. The GDPR clock is ticking (deadline is 25 May 2018) and many organisations are working hard to implement the action items that the GDPR requires. The GDPR is difficult to understand and translating it into practical effective action is hard. There is also so much information out there and so many people offering GDPR solutions.

We’ve been helping many organisations with GDPR compliance and we’ve learnt a lot along the way. We have insight into what is important and can provide you with the key insights. We’ve also attended international conferences and learnt lessons from experts in multiple jurisdictions.

We offer a short 40-minute GDPR webinar for busy people. This legal webinar is not a sales webinar – we’re not trying to sell you anything. The webinar is the service itself: key legal insights from independent professional advisors.


  • Get an update on the latest developments
  • Discover key insights about the risks
  • Network with others who are implementing the GDPR and discuss common issues
  • Find out what to do, when, and how

Who should attend

Directors tasked with data protection compliance, executives who sponsor GDPR projects, members of GDPR Steering Committees, data protection officers, information officers, Chief Privacy Officers, Privacy Program Managers, Data Protection Project Managers.

When is the GDPR Webinar

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  • 9 November 2017 | 15:00-16:00 CAT | Register here. 

The prices listed above exclude vat. We can invoice you the equivalent in GBP, EUR or AUD. We will email you an invoice and details of how to register. We will refund you, if you do not think you received value. If you’d like to attend a webinar on this topic but this date and time does not suit you, send us an email asking us to set another date. All you need is a good internet connection.

If you cannot attend this GDPR webinar, you may be interested in attending a GDPR Workshop or GDPR Conference, or joining our Data Protection Compliance Programme.

What do we cover?

  • Our GDPR key insights based on the extensive reading we have done, the conversations we’ve had with numerous people, and the GDPR conferences we have attended.
  • What are organisations currently focusing on?
  • The best tools and resources to use.
  • The best approaches or methodologies to adopt.
  • How will the ePrivacy Regulation (ePR) impact the GDPR.