ISP Legal Procedures Framework

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How will it help you?

We have found that many Internet Service Providers (such as hosting companies and publishers) are often not sure what the correct legal procedure is to follow when certain events occur. Especially when law enforcement assistance is required from the South African Police Services (SAPS).  For example, where a person is advertising or selling child pornography, many people do not know what steps the law requires them to take? Another example, is where a person is advertising or selling pirated software. Again, many people do not know what they should be doing?

What is it?

The ISP Legal Procedures Framework includes a table that:

  1. Describes the event
  2. Refers you to the source of law
  3. Tells you what your responsibility is
  4. Sets out the SAPS responsibility
  5. Lists the SAPS reference documents

It also provides a list of relevant legislation, like the Films and Publications Act.


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