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Looking for free website terms? We get lots of small businesses, startups, and bloggers contacting us about website terms. Typically, there’s no money for website terms when a business is just starting out. They tend to get cobbled together or copied from other websites, written without knowledge of the law, or left out altogether. This is dangerous and upsets us greatly. We don’t like to see our clients getting themselves into trouble. You can end up committing copyright infringement, with a set of website terms that doesn’t protect you properly, or with no protection at all. To help you out, we’ve released free website terms that you can use on your website to get you going – without paying a cent.

What do I get?

Our free website terms are simplified versions of our paid website terms.

They are:

  • written in plain language;
  • drafted in terms of South African law;
  • cleverly structured for easy reading;
  • cover the basics in a clear and concise way; and
  • free for you to use, subject to the Michalsons – Legal Terms EULA.

They include:

  • terms of use – which apply to visitors to your website;
  • terms of sale (for online stores) – which apply to customers that order goods through your website; and
  • a privacy policy – which applies to anyone that submits personal information through your website (for online stores) and when someone visits your website.

Who should use them?

We have drafted sets of free website terms for:

  1. brochure websites – that promote an individual or organisation online without requiring registration; and
  2. online stores selling physical goods – that sell physical goods to customers over the Internet and usually do require registration.

They are not suitable for:

  1. online stores selling digital goods;
  2. online services;
  3. online marketplaces for goods or services;
  4. online communities;
  5. any website operated in terms of foreign law; or
  6. any brochure websites or online stores selling physical goods that need more comprehensive legal terms – for example, because the online store sells foodstuffs or goods made to detailed customer specifications.

Please contact us at if the free terms are not suitable for your website and you would like a quote for terms that are.

Who drafted them?

We have developed our free website terms over many years of writing bespoke legal terms for all kinds of online businesses.

David Luyt has created our free website terms by choosing the best clauses from our database, tailoring them for the needs of new online businesses, and organising them into a cohesive structure.

He’s a specialist law-of-technology attorney, which means that he understands online businesses and is an expert on the law that relates to them.

What else might I need?

You can bolster these free legal terms by adding additional solutions, including:


If you are interested, please complete the form on the right or enquire now. We will contact you to find out more about your requirements and give you a quote.

How can I get them?

You can preview the free website terms in PDF format here:

You can download zip files containing our free website terms here:

The zip files contain the terms in both HTML and PDF format.

How do I use them?

You should follow the following steps to use these free website terms:

  1. download the appropriate zip file from the links above;
  2. extract the contents of the zip file;
  3. open the HTML file in a text editor and copy the HTML into a web page on your website or upload the PDF file to your website;
  4. put a hyperlink to the page where you have posted or uploaded the terms in the footer of each page of your website;
  5. in the case of an online store, you should place a checkbox on the last page of your checkout process next to the words “I have read and agree to your terms of sale and privacy policy” and the words ‘terms of sale’ and ‘privacy policy’ should be hyperlinked to the relevant anchors in the terms.