Cyber Crime and Cyber Security Law Webinar

////Cyber Crime and Cyber Security Law Webinar
Cyber Crime and Cyber Security Law Webinar 2018-07-12T16:23:42+00:00

The Cybercrimes Bill has been opened for comments and public participation. The latest version of the Bill is an improvement from the 2015 version, however, it is still bad. If the Bill is passed as it currently is, it will have a significantly negative effect on all South Africans. We offer a practical webinar that is specifically designed to bring organisations together to express their issues and concerns with the Cybercrimes Bill, and to formulate these concerns into written submissions. Submissions must be submitted by 28 July 2017, so there really is no time to waste.


  • Determine the problems you have with the Cybercrimes Bill.
  • Decide if you will formulate written submissions yourself or if you want Michalsons to help you draft them.
  • Decide if you want us to make verbal submissions on your behalf.

Who should attend?

  • ECSPs (e.g. ISPs, network operators, telecommunications providers, mobile network providers)
  • financial institutions (e.g. banks, insurance companies etc.) and
  • anyone who has critical information infrastructure (e.g. private organisations, JSE etc.)

When is the next Cyber Crime and Cyber Security Law Webinar?

We haven’t yet set a date for our next live webinar. If you’d like to attend a webinar on this topic, send us an email asking us to set another date. All you need is a good internet connection.

What do we cover?

  • An overview of the Cybercrimes Bill.
  • What are our main concerns with it?
  • How does it affect ECSPs and financial institutions?