Publishing Agreement

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A Publishing Agreement is a legal contract between a publisher and an author to publish a written work. There are lots of variants. It may involve a single written work, or a series. One author or many. A Publishing Agreement deals with important issues and often relates to not only the publishing, but also the promotion of a work.

Who is the Publishing Agreement suitable for?

Any publisher of works (like books, guides, manuals). It is crucial that every publisher sign a publishing agreement with each author, especially to deal with copyright.

What you get?

The agreement will be:

What is the process to draft it?

  1. We will ask you various questions and gather the necessary information.
  2. We create the necessary document customised for you. You review and approve it.
  3. We send you a final version of the agreement and the relevant people sign them.

Are you an author negotiating with a publisher?

We can help you to negotiate the contract with the publisher.


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