IT governance, risk and compliance is a very broad topic that has many aspects to it. We provide various legal services that relate to IT governance, risk and compliance (IT GRC).

The Benefits of Focusing on IT GRC

Our services will help you to:

  1. Apply IT Governance, Risk and Compliance (IT GRC) in a practical way to real issues
  2. Practice good IT Governance
  3. Address IT legal Risk
  4. Comply with the information technology (IT) law (or information, communications and technology  law (ICT law)) and consider adhering to IT rules, codes and standards
  5. Demonstrate that you have met your responsibilities

Your organisation will also be able to:

  1. reduce your legal risk profile,
  2. demonstrate the application of King Report and King Code,
  3. implement current best practice,
  4. manage the risks of non-compliance,
  5. avoid legal problems, difficulties, and disputes,
  6. keep your board continually informed of relevant IT laws, rules codes and standards, including changes to them.

What we offer

We offer the following services in line with our view that compliance is a process:

  1. We make you aware of the legal aspects IT governance, risk and compliance. We do this by conducting a seminar, workshop, webinar or executive briefing on IT Governance, Risk and Compliance (through a legal lens). It includes the background to IT compliance and an overview of IT laws. We offer many other courses too.
  2. We publish online legal advice on this website.
  3. We provide a List of IT laws. However, by merely looking at the laws mentioned, it’s not glaringly obvious on the face of it, what the relevant laws are (except in a law such as the ECT Act for example). This is why having a list of the laws is only one part of the solution.
  4. We provide an IT Legal Framework. Our framework is a procedures and control framework. We use this framework as a control tool to provide an appropriate system to manage, monitor and report on your IT Governance, management of IT legal risks, and compliance with IT laws. It can easily be incorporated into the company’s procedures and control framework required by King.
  5. We provide you with advice by applying our experience and knowledge to your specific circumstances.
  6. We can conduct an IT Legal Audit (made up of various components) of your organisation.
  7. Review your compliance on an ongoing basis – assuring the effectiveness of compliance.

Interested in IT Governance, Risk and Compliance?

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