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What is the most valuable asset in your organisation? Perhaps you feel it is your staff or your equipment. But, for more and more organisations – information is their most valuable asset. We do business in an information economy and you hold precious information in the form of business records, customer databases, and intellectual property. You hire security personnel, install CCTV cameras, and have policies to secure your staff and equipment, but are you doing enough to secure your information?

Information security law is the area of law that asks whether you are securing your information sufficiently. If a data breach happens, the relevant authority will want to know what steps you took to comply with information security law.

We’ve spent time thinking and working on a methodology and tools to empower you to comply with information security law more easily and we’d like to share this thinking with you in our free information security law webinar.

What is a free information security law webinar?

Our free information security webinar is a seminar that we conduct over the Internet where you and other participants can join our discussion about information security law compliance free of charge from the comfort of your own laptop, smartphone, or other device and:

  • see and hear the presenter – to get an overview of information security
  • ask them questions – to better understand your specific concerns
  • and participate polls – to help develop insights from yourself and other participants

What does it cover?

The webinar covers our four step approach to complying with information security law:

• Information has value
• Data protection laws require information security
• The art and science of information security law compliance
• Incident response readiness

When is it?

Our free webinar will take place on Thursday, 24 January 2019 at 10:00am. You can register here.