Free Information Security Webinar

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Information security (infosec) is the practice of protecting information and information systems from unauthorized access. It matters because information has value and you need to secure it against theft, loss, or damage, in the same way that you would secure your premises, equipment, or other business assets. We offer a free information security webinar about the laws relating to information security and how to comply with them. Get empowered by understanding our approach to information security law compliance, and how you can apply it in your organisation.

What is a free information security law webinar?

Our free information security webinar is a seminar that we conduct over the Internet where you and other participants can join our discussion about information security law compliance free of charge from the comfort of your own laptop, smartphone, or other device and:

  • see and hear the presenter – to get an overview of information security
  • ask them questions – to better understand your specific concerns
  • and participate polls – to help develop insights from yourself and other participants

What does it cover?

The webinar covers our four step approach to complying with information security law:

  1. Awareness – understand the relevant information security laws
  2. Planning – decide how to comply with them by identifying action items
  3. Implementation – put your decisions about how to comply into effect by implementing action items
  4. Review – examine your plan with the intention of making any necessary changes

It also takes you through the four aspects of information security, namely physical, digital, operational, and administrative security.

How does it work?

Please complete the form below and we’ll send you an email with a link to register for the webinar. Once you’ve registered, we’ll send you a confirmation email with a URL to attend the webinar. On the day and at the time of the webinar, simply click on the URL we’ve sent you and you’ll be able to attend the webinar.

When is it?

The next free webinar will take place on 12 October 2017 at 10:00am CAT. Register here.