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Does the law require you to register as a cryptography provider (sometimes also called a crypto provider)? Are you in need of cryptography provider registration services? If you are in need of these services and are planning to do it yourself, you should prepare for a possibly daunting registration process. The information is not easily available. You need all the help you can get to find your way around the process and avoid the uncertainty of not knowing which government doors to knock on.

Cryptography Provider Registration Services

Certain countries draw a distinction between two kinds of cryptography, military cryptography, on the one hand, and cryptography in the private sector, on the other hand. The countries, then, tend to use different laws to regulate the two. The government departments responsible for military defence in those countries usually handle the military cryptography.

For the private sector, laws such as Chapter 5 of the Economic Communications and Transactions Act (ECT) regulate the use of cryptography, with the responsible department ranging from the Department of Telecommunications and Postal Services (DTPS) to the Department of Communications (DoC) or some other variation, depending on the country.

Using the ECT Act as an example, you find that the department now responsible for registering cryptography providers is the DTPS, and no longer the DoC. The ECT Act requires that suppliers (not users) of “cryptography” services or products register with the DTPS:

  • their names and addresses, and
  • the names of their products with a brief description in a register maintained by the DTPS
  • and any other relevant documents.

The ECT Act also states that unless the (local or foreign) supplier has registered, they cannot provide their services or products.

In March 2006, when the DoC still handled cryptography provider registration, it published regulations to administer and regulate the activities of crypto providers (GN R216 of 2006 in Government Gazette 28594 of 10 March 2006). These regulations are still valid and binding even though the DTPS is now the department in charge of registering crypto providers.

Actions you can take

  • Successfully register as a cryptography providers by instructing us to provide you with our cryptography provider registration services.
  • Found out more about cryptography laws in different countries by using our List of Cryptography Laws.
  • Understand cryptography laws in a specific country by asking us all your questions.
  • Find out if cryptography laws apply to you and whether you have to take any steps, by asking us to provide you with an opinion.

What is the purpose of these laws?

Registration with the department allows investigative authorities, such as the police, to identify which organisation provides the encryption technologies intercepted by them in terms of monitoring and interception laws. This will enable the investigative authorities to approach these service providers to assist with decrypting the encrypted messages.

Our experience and knowledge

We have years of experience and knowledge regards registration of cryptography providers. Our clients include certification authorities and both local and international security vendors.


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