Guide to Email Disclaimers

Guide to Email Disclaimers2017-12-07T07:00:57+02:00
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Email disclaimers appear at the bottom of most business related emails. They are often long and difficult to read. Are they necessary? Do they serve any purpose? Will they actually protect an organisation from liability?

How you benefit

  • Understand what an email disclaimer is
  • Read about email disclaimers and the law applicable to them
  • Understand how to implement email disclaimers properly

Who does it apply to?

Organisations that provide email to their employees and consultants.

Who should read the Guide to Email Disclaimers?

Management and IT staff who are responsible for managing email.

What do you get?

The guide is in A4 pdf electronic format. It includes a table of contents, an index, endnotes, further reading and useful links. Bite size chunks of useful and practical information.


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