Are you looking for the POPI Regulations? The reason you cannot find them is because they do not yet exist. There are two people who have the power to make regulations.

Minster’s POPI Regulations

The Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development has the limited power to make Regulations (under section 112 (1)) about:

  • establishing the Information Regulator, and
  • fees that data subjects must pay to:
    • a responsible party for accessing the personal information it processes, and
    • the Regulator when complaining to the Regulator.

That is it – the Minister has quite limited powers to make regulations. We expect that the Minister will only publish these regulations towards the end of 2016. This is when Parliament will be selecting and appointing the office bearers.

Information Regulator’s POPI Regulations

The Information Regulator has the power to make Regulations (under section 112 (2)) about all sorts of things. These are the regulations that are going to be very relevant to organisation who must comply with POPI. The Regulator will probably only publish these regulations starting from about the end of 2016.

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