Many people have been wondering when it will be possible to get and use an advanced electronic signature. Well, the day has arrived. An advanced electronic signature is basically an electronic signature that has been accredited by the South African Accreditation Authority.

advanced electronic signatureWhy would you want advanced electronic signature?

You could use your advanced electronic signature to sign an electronic document and it would be valid and binding just like your handwritten signature. For example, a Commissioner of Oaths could sign an electronic copy of an original paper document with their advanced electronic signature and create a certified electronic copy of the original. The certified electronic copy can then be e-mailed to anybody that requires it, saving time and effort.

We have all been holding thumbs for years waiting for them to become a reality. All sorts of possibilities become a reality.

The day has arrived

Well the day has arrived. LAWtrust has made history as the first accredited SA provider of advanced electronic signatures. I have been through the face-to-face verification process and I have an advanced electronic signature.


But many of you have questions:

  • Are the enforceable?
  • Are the legally valid and binding?
  • Do they have legal authority?
  • What are the applicable laws?

We can help.