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Sicelo Kula
Sicelo Kula Candidate Attorney

An overview

Sicelo Kula is a clear thinker who has exceptional writing and speaking skills. He is very interested in taking on challenging legal problems and finding workable solutions. His areas of interest include Intellectual Property Law, Data Privacy and Protection, Labour Law and general Consumer Protection.

University of the Western Cape: LLB, 2010 – 2015
  • Intellectual Property
  • Data Privacy and Protection
  • Plain Legal Language
Sicelo focuses on resolving various legal issues such as law and technology, and the protection of personal information. His focus areas include:
  • Privacy and the Protection of Personal Information
  • Copyright protection
  • Empowering startups to be legally compliant
 He provides clients with:
  • Registrations – to help organisations register as companies or as cryptography providers;
  • Tailor-made commercial contracts – to stop problems before they happen;
  • Website terms – to help online stores comply with the law and avoid risks; and
  • Written opinions – to advise clients on the risks associated with their organisations and how to manage them.
 Sicelo joined the Michalsons team in 2016.
Sicelo is also a spoken-word poet, a motivational speaker, a casual gamer, an occasional MC of certain events, and a Published author of a teen book.