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Jesse-Lee Wrensch
Jesse-Lee Wrensch

An overview

Jesse focuses on solving legal problems with simplicity and speed. He is a firm believer in the law being drafted in plain language that is clear for everyone to understand. He adapted this belief into his teachings at the University of the Western Cape where he was a tutor in the law faculty. He has a keen interest in areas of law like copyright law and digital entertainment law. His master’s thesis focused on aspects of these laws as he grappled with the status of digital rights management in South African law. He also co-authored a publication in the South African Intellectual Property law journal titled Video Game Modifications in South African Law.

Bachelors of Law (University of the Western Cape 2012 – 2015)

Masters of Law in Mercantile Law (University of the Western Cape 2016 – 2017)


  • Information and Communications Technology Law
  • Digital Entertainment Law
  • Privacy and Data Protection Law
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • The law relating to Cybercrimes

In Jesse’s free time, he plays video games, volunteers at animal shelters and enjoys reading comic books.