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Alex Weylandt
Alex WeylandtCandidate Attorney

An overview

Alex Weylandt is a keen lawyer who uses her legal training to analyse problems and applies it to finding the best solution for you. Her interests include: Data Protection Law, Intellectual Property Law, Dispute Resolution and the law in relation to e-commerce.

University of Cape Town – LLB 2013- 2017

  • Date Protection Law
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Consumer Protection Law

Alex is interested in design and arts and spends her weekends wandering through galleries and museums. She also has a passion for travelling and takes any opportunity to explore the world.

Alex currently assists with reviewing and drafting IT contracts that provide clients with clear and practical agreements that are best suited the IT industry. She has been involved large scale gap analysis audits, drafting polices and managing client relationships.

She assists with creating website terms that help businesses protect themselves, be compliant and ensure that they have good relationships with their customers when offering services or goods, on an online platform.

Alex is developing an extensive knowledge of Data Protection laws and their application and is helping organisations become Data Protection Law compliant.