What is included? The Michalsons Compliance Programme features are extensive and are set out below. Read more about it and apply.

Events to participate in

  • On joining, a once off readiness assessment and a private project strategy call with a Michalsons attorney and an expert in regulatory compliance projects who has extensive practical experience in getting the project done.
  • Attend a full day face-to-face public Data Protection Awareness workshop in Joburg, Cape Town or Durban. If you have already attended the public one day workshop, we’ll deduct the cost of it off your first invoice.
  • Attend the bi-annual POPI Key Insights two-hour workshops for members only.
  • Attend a weekly live webinar for members only hosted by a Michalsons attorney – either a Q&A session or covering some material. Sessions are live on Wednesday mornings and usually 60 minutes long. We record each session, share it with members and store it on the programme website. So, if you miss the live event, you can catch up in your own time.

An Implementation Plan

  • Tools and guidance to do a risk assessment or gap analysis.
  • A generic project plan template (also called a risk management plan) of what is going to be done by whom when, including a roadmap.
  • A template to create Project Status Reports.

Community for common issues

A place for members to talk to each other – a forum for discussions about shared issues. A problem shared is a problem halved. Many people face the same challenges and there is no competitive advantage in detailing with them. Collaborating with others to solve the common issues makes a lot of sense, especially when our common goal is to protect people from harm.

Personal Support for specific issues

Access to a Michalsons attorney for up to two hours a month to answer questions (or deal with issues) specific to your organisation. We support you personally. It is like having a specialist subject matter expert on retainer. When you have a problem you just email us. If the answer is simple, we email an answer back fast. If the problem is more complex, we set a time to talk on Skype or phone. There is an additional charge for face-to-face meetings and unused hours do not carry over to the next month.


  • Access to the programme website – the place housing all the programme material online.
  • Access to the Practical Guide to Effective POPI Compliance in live html format.
  • Access to a copy of the POPI Act and GDPR in live html format. Searchable, navigable and includes notes and comments by Michalsons.
  • Electronic copies of all handouts for workshops, including a link to the latest Michalsons presentations.
  • A List of Data Protection Laws.
  • Videos, guides, visual aids and other materials.
  • Alerts and updates on key developments by email.
  • Summaries of any case law related to POPI and rulings by the Information Regulator.


  • Templates that you can customise for:
    • letters (like the appointment of an Information Officer),
    • policies (like a privacy policy),
    • spreadsheets (like a map of activities),
    • presentations (or material or outlines to include in your presentations),
    • training material,
    • communications (like emails),
    • briefings (like an executive briefing and a CEO briefing), and
    • contract clauses (like operator clauses).
  • A Data Protection Legal Framework (a part of the Michalsons IT Legal Framework).
  • Tools (like self-assessments, legal checklists, an Overlap Matrix and Mappers).