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We do not do it for you, we advise you on how you should do it. We empower you to do it.

What is NOT included

There are limits to the Michalsons Compliance Programme. We can do these things, but not as part of the programme. We can give you a fixed price quote for each one or will bill you at the end of each month based on the time we spend and our hourly rates.

  • Compliance with other related laws, but we will take them into account. For example, the programme will not ensure you comply with PAIA, but we’ll take it into account.
  • Michalsons taking action for the member. For example, an attorney from Michalsons briefing the board in person or doing a private in-house workshop.
  • Unlimited support. The programme includes up to R4,000 of personal support a month.
  • Meeting face-to-face at your offices.
  • Michalsons actually doing the things that need to be done to comply. For example, the 15% of the implementation action items that Michalsons can do (such as mapping your activities for you, drafting or reviewing your privacy policy, reviewing a PAIA manual or training all employees on data protection law). The implementation action items will be different for each organisation and therefore we need to scope and cost them separately. Additional service providers and your own staff will have to do many of the implementation action items.
  • Determining your regulatory universe.
  • Providing formal written opinions or interpretations on issues that relate to your specific organisation.
  • Specific considerations for a particular industry.
  • Michalsons conducting a compliance audit to check that you comply with the law.

What the Compliance Programme is NOT

  • An eBook or a textbook on data protection.
  • A course on data protection or a toolkit. It is much more than that.
  • A certification that an individual has a certain level of knowledge.
  • An information security product that secures the personal information you process.
  • A tool (like a shredder or software) that helps you protect personal information.
  • A marketplace connecting those who need to comply with those who help organisations comply.

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