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Our programmes are not open to the public and are exclusively for specific people and organisations. You must apply to join our programme.

Criteria for membership

The programme is not open to the public and is suitable for:

  • people who have already attended a Michalsons workshop or previously instructed Michalsons to assist them with compliance, and people who are just starting their compliance journey.
  • in-house legal or compliance teams in large organisations are usually perfect candidates.
  • organisations (regardless of size) whose primary business activity involves the processing of personal information. Especially organisations who have many natural people as customers (like direct marketers, healthcare providers, financial service providers, banks, and mobile telephone networks).
  • Medium to large organisations who must have a PAIA Manual regardless of whether their primary business activity involves the processing of personal information or not.
  • Organisations who process lots of personal information about their employees (like mines).
  • Both organisations who only have to comply with the law of one country (like the POPI Act) and those who have to comply with the laws of many countries (like the EU GDPR and ePrivacy Regulation).
  • Both private bodies (like a private company) and public bodies (like a Government Department or State Owned Company).
  • Both responsible parties and operators (like IT vendors).

Criteria for people

  • You must be the person (or one of them) responsible for ensuring that your organisation complies with the relevant law. (For example, for the POPI Act it could be the designated Information Officer, the corporate legal adviser or the compliance manager.)
  • You should have experience in legal compliance.
  • You should have a reasonable knowledge of the relevant law.
  • You must not be someone who:
    • helps your clients comply (like an attorney or consultant),
    • sells a solution that solves part of the compliance problem, or
    • provides services regards compliance with the relevant law.

Criteria for organisations

  • Must be a legal entity with an in-house lawyer, compliance officer or project manager.
  • Must have to comply with the relevant law. In other words, the law must apply to the organisation.
  • The relevant law must have medium to high impact – we’ll help you to determine the impact as part of the application process.
  • Can be from any industry (for example financial services, healthcare, etc.) because the programme focusses on what is common amongst all organisations and industries.

If you meet these criteria, please apply now by clicking the button below. You can participate in the programme from anywhere in the world.

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